Clutch Compatible Vapes

Check the fitment of your vape below

Vape Name

Does it fit?

Elf Bar BC3000 Yes
Elf Bar BC4000 Yes
Elf Bar CR5000 Yes
Elf Bar TE5000 Yes
Elf Bar LB5000 Yes
Elf Bar BC5000 Yes
Elf Bar BC1600 Yes
Elf BC3500 Yes
Truly Bar Yes
Juicy Bar Yes
Beco Lux Disposable Vape 6500 Yes
Beco Plush Disposable Vape 8000 Yes
Evo Bar Yes
Beco Soft Disposable 6000 Yes
Dazed Bar Yes
Truly Bar Yes
Uno Charge 5000 Puffs Yes
Avata 7500 puffs Yes
Pod X Hyde IQ Yes
Fire Float Yes
Kado Bar Yes
Stag Bar Yes
Snowwolf 6000 Yes
airmax elf bar Yes
Esco bar Yes
Hyde IQ Yes
Biff Bar Yes
Send It Yes
Torch Yes
Podking by Elf Bar XC5000 Yes
Vapmod All Spark 5k Yes
Vodo Bar bb600 Yes
Pacha Syn Yes
Puffmini Yes
Elf Bar BC5000 (normal) Yes
Smok Novo Bar Yes
Fire Yes
Snaxx 5200 Yes
Suorin Air Bar Box Disposable Yes
Snowwolf Kaos Yes
U Toob Bar Yes
Fog X Box Yes
VPro New Jelly Yes
Luffbar Bubble 6000 Yes
Jamba Bar JB5000 Yes
Storm Chaser Mochi Yes
Mo chi Yes
Pod King x Kado Bar PK5000 Yes
Packpods Yes
Flum Pebble No
Zovoo Dragbar No
Storm Chaser Venus No
Sigelei Snowwolf No
So Soul Y6000 No
HorizonTech Binaries Cabin Disposable No
Swft Mod No
Snowwolf Mino No
Pop Hit Solo 5500 No
Juice Head 5k No
Mr. Fog Switch No
Vozol Star 6000 No
7 Daze Omhlet No
Vfun box No
R&M box mini No
Vozol Alien 5000 No


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