Coastal Weave - Black | Model C

Sale price$14.99

The Original Vape Case

  • [ONE SIZE FITS MOST] Designed for most box-style vapes, including Elf Bar, Kado Bar, Pod King, and Dazed Bar. The patented rubber interior securely holds vapes up to 3.25 in tall, 1.77 in wide, and 0.85 in deep.
  • [EASY TO USE] Puff on the go effortlessly. A magnetic lid flips open for ease of use and a rubber port cover opens to allow charging your vape battery without removing it from the case.
  • [KEEP YOUR VAPE CLEAN] Keep your vape (and mouth!) clean from pocket lint, dirty cash, and keys. Vape Clutch will keep dust and debris out so your disposable vape keeps performing and tasting great.
  • [CHOOSE YOUR VIBE] Express your personality with multiple colorful designs. Choose a case that reflects your personality and turn your disposable vape into a fashion statement.
  • [HIDDEN TO OTHERS, VISIBLE TO YOU] Keep your vape hidden from view and judgment. The color of your choosing means your vape is unique and easy to find.
  • **CASE ONLY: vape NOT included**